Ministers in Uig

Baile na Cille Church

Hebridean Connections © C Murray

Rev John Macleod MA

(Skye). Admitted 30 August 1726, translated to Duirinish, Skye in 1741.

Rev Norman Morrison

1742; died 1777. According to his report of 1749 (from Tales and Tradition of the Lews) his stipend was 800 merks a year (he was petitioning to have this increased in light of his various difficulties) and his parish contained 259 families, or 1247 souls. To discharge his duties he was obliged to keep a large boat with a crew of six.

Rev Hugh Munro

1778. Died at Uig Manse 1 May 1823, aged 76, in the 46th year of his ministry. The manse was built in his time and he was well liked. Hugh (or Uisdean) became a popular name in the district.

Rev Alexander Macleod

Translated to Uig 1 April 1824. A wing was added to the manse in that year and the new church was built in 1829 to accommodate a thousand people, testament to Rev Macleod’s growing congregation. He was an energetic and evangelical preacher; he led his congregation to the Free Church at the Disruption in 1843, leaving Baile na Cille Church and Manse, but left Uig shortly thereafter.

Rev David Watson

1845; died 1856.

Rev James Gunn


Rev Roderick Fraser


Rev Angus Maciver 

“Aonghas a Cheisteir” inducted 11 Jan 1876.

Rev John Macphail

Rev Allan Mackenzie


Rev Murdo Macleod BD

Rev John Macinnes

Rev Norman Morrison

Rev Angus Macfarlane

Free Church at Ceann Langabhat (Miavaig)

The Ceann Langabhat church became Church of Scotland when the United Free Church joined the Church of Scotland. In 1979 the two Uig congregations of the Church of Scotland united on the retirement of Rev Angus Macfarlane from Baile na Cille.  Rev William Macleod became minister of the united charge.
(FC – Free Church)
(UFC – United Free Church)
(CofS – Church of Scotland)

Rev John Campbell

(FC), 1846-1879

Rev Duncan Morrison

(FC), 1879-1887

Rev Nicol Campbell

(FC), 1889-1897

Rev Donald Macarthur 

(FC and UFC), 1899-1901

Rev James MacNiven 

(UFC), 1912-1920

Rev Norman Macleod 

(UFC and CofS), 1923-1962

Rev William Macleod

(CofS) 1962-2006

Uig Church of Scotland at Ceann Langabhat (Miavaig)

Uig Church of Scotland was linked with Lochs-in-Bernera Church of Scotland on the induction of Rev Hugh Maurice Stewart in 2008.

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