Census and Reports

The Parish of Uig in 1749

The Parish of Uig in 1749, by Rev Norman Morrison – A letter from the minister at Baile na Cille, Norman Morrison, to a committee of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, dated 15th October 1749.

Old Statistical Account, 1796

Old Statistical Report, 1796, by Rev Hugh Munro – The “Old Statistical Account” of 1791-99 consists of detailed parish reports from every part of Scotland. The report for the Parish of Uig was written about 1796 by the minister at Baile na Cille, Hugh Munro.

New Statistical Account, 1833,

New Statistical Report, 1833, by Rev Alexander Macleod – The “New Statistical Report”, written by Rev Alexander Macleod of Baile na Cille in 1833.  The word Uig is applied to many situations in the Highlands, and signifies a solitary place.

The Island of Lewis, 1857

The Island of Lewis, 1857, from Encyclopædia Britannica (8th Ed) – A Description of the Island of Lewis, from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 8th Edition (1857) ¹. Lewis, the northern portion of the Outer Hebrides, lying off the W. coast of Scotland, from which it is separated by the Minch, a sea about 30 miles across.

The Parish of Uig in 1896

The Parish of Uig in 1896, from the Gazetteer of Scotland – This chapter from the book Lewsiana (1874, 1886) by  W(illiam) Anderson Smith is a contemporary criticism of the administration of the Isle of Lewis under Sir James Matheson – a time of famine and emigration, then relative stability, then land agitation and growing anger. 

The following demographic, social and economic information relating to Uig is available in the Research Area of the Museum

Village Population Records

Genealogical Accounts by Surname

Census Returns

Uig A Hebridean Parish,H.A. Moisley and members of Glasgow University Geographical Field Group,1962. 

‘From Gàidhealtachd Community to Shared Space’, 2015, Joni Buchanan, PhD thesis.

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