Uig Museum/ Taigh Tasgaidh agus Tasglann Ùig

Uig Museum/ Taigh Tasgaidh agus Tasglann Ùig

Fàilte gu Comunn Eachdraidh Ùig

Welcome to Uig Historical Society

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Discover the ancient and modern stories of Uig.

We hold archive manuscripts, imagery, artefacts and records on all aspects of Uig social, economic, Gàidhlig, military and religious histories dating back to the earliest human settlements, through the Celtic and Viking periods and into the modern age.

Iron Age roundhouse (2800 – 1200 Years Ago) – Round house from Cnìp

In the Iron Age, status and fear seemed to be the reason for a new architecture, which included brochs and wheelhouses. The buildings were drystone and complex, requiring remarkable skill and manpower to construct. 

Iron Age Round House excavated at Cnìpdownload free PDF of Cnìp Round House information by Ian Armit.

Comunn Eachdraidh Ùig, was established in 1978.

It out-grew its original home at Lochcroisteam and relocated to the Uig Community Centre in the 1990s. It is run by a committed team of volunteers. The eventual aim is to digitise much of our collection to ensure greater accessibility however we will always rely on visitors to the museum throughout the summer season to enable us to continue the work of collecting and curating the story of our history and our culture.


Comunn Eachdraidh Ùig/ Uig Historical Society
Uig Community Centre
Timsgarry, Isle of Lewis
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Email: museumuig@yahoo.co.uk

Opening times:

The Museum is now open: Opening times Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm

Museum admission: Adults £3.00. Members and children free.

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Museum displays include:

The Lewis Chessmen, Replicas of a Viking House and a Traditional Blackhouse, Archaeological discoveries, Artefacts relating to local trades and economic activity across generations, an Historical Timeline/ Ùig ann an Eachdraidh, WW1 Timeline, Portraits of the men lost in the Iolaire Disaster, Geological information. The museum research area holds extensive archival manuscript and photographic materials as well as census and genealogical records.

Lewis Chessmen

The 78 Lewis Chessmen pieces were found in a stone cist in the shifting dunes of Uig Bay, Ardroil, by Malcolm “Sprot” Macleod of the village of Pennydonald. (we don’t have the originals…!)

Uig in 1874

From Lewsiana, by W Anderson Smith (1874, 1886)

Upwards of thirty miles from Stornoway, by Garynahine, lies the district of Uig. Although so much farther off than Shawbost or Carloway, it is nevertheless much nearer, so far as facilities for com­munication and elements of civilisation are concerned.


Timeline – The Historic timeline can be viewed in the museum. Some key dates in the history of Uig and the Isle of Lewis from as far as 9000BC are included here.

The Iolaire disaster

The Iolaire – The Iolaire left Kyle of Lochalsh on 31 December 1918 for Stornoway, carrying naval reservists coming home on New Year’s leave or demobbed from the Royal Navy, apart from a few Mercantile Marine seamen.
Early on the morning of 1 January 1919, approaching Stornoway in the dark, she struck the Beasts of Holm in the harbour and was wrecked, with the loss of over 200 naval ratings and crew.


Documented photographic archives 

Photos are organised under different categories: mostly by village, but other categories include, fishing, crofting, schools, social life. A professional photographic archive of the Lewis chessmen currently being exhibited at the British Museum can be seen in the Chessmen gallery. Voice recordings and short videos will also be added to the site.


Shoemaking page will be coming soon.


Blacksmith page will be coming soon.

Fishing & Weaving

Fishing & Weaving page will be coming soon.

Blackhouse interior 

Blackhouse interior page will be coming soon.

Viking domestic life

Viking domestic life page will be coming soon.

Local archaeology and finds

Local archaeology finds page will be coming soon.

For now, we have some links to local finds:

Finds in 1915 – A letter to the Gazette on 15 October 1917, by “DJM”, Donald J Macleod, Inspector of Schools.

The archaeology of Skye and the Western Isles – A comprehensive look at early and recent (to 1996) excavations in the Hebrides, exploring the history of human settlement from the Neolithic period to the Clearances.

Lewis Chessmen – The 78 Lewis Chessmen pieces were found in a stone cist in the shifting dunes of Uig Bay, Ardroil, by Malcolm “Sprot” Macleod of the village of Pennydonald. (we don’t have the originals…!)

The McVean Hoard – A number of archaeological finds collected by the McVean family in Uig and handed to Museum nan Eilean for Treasure Trove are on loan to Uig Museum and currently on display.

We are happy to help with research. Remotely or in person.

If you plan to visit and intend to undertake research, it may help to let us know in advance so we can arrange for the appropriate person to assist you.

Please also have a look at Hebridean Connections where much of our collected genealogy is available online.

Groups are welcome (prior notice is preferred) and special activity days can often be arranged for school groups.

If you would like to leave a comment or get in touch with us…

You can visit our facebook page Uig Historical Society where we will be able to contact you. We have a great facebook family who are always happy to help with anything from dates, photographs and any information regarding Uig.