• Miniature Isle of Lewis Chess Set

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    x32 chess piece set

    King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Berserker & Pawns

    Ivory or Brown

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    Direct from the stock of Uig Museum which overlooks the beautiful Uig bay where the Lewis Chessmen were found, is this miniature Lewis Chessmen set available in either Ivory or Brown.
    The chess pieces are housed within the box which doubles as the chess board.
    The chess board measures roughly 22cm across, to give you an idea of size the King stands 45mm high.
    Please make sure you understand the size of the pieces before ordering, this is a miniature chess set which although quite possible to play a game of chess on would be fiddly.
    Each chess piece is modelled from a laser scan taken from the original pieces by the Museum of Scotland. The chess pieces are smaller than the originals.
    The price includes Free signe

    *As with most of the stock on this page, this comes directly out of the stock of Uig Museum and all profits from the sale on this page go back into the Museum.

    (Inclusive of Signed post and packaging within the UK.

    Worldwide delivery is available.)

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    Ivory, Brown

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