School Record Locations

Below are the locations of school records from Uig. Records held at either Uig Museum or Stornoway Library may be consulted during opening hours.

As of July 2011, Data Protection legislation restricts public access to school records. Access to admission records are restricted for 100 years from the last date in the document, and to school logs for 30 years, or 75 where the material is personal and sensitive.

This need not interfere with legitimate research, though it does mean that records may not be on open shelves or permanent display.  Tasglann nan Eilean Siar (the council archive service) has produced helpful guidelines for holders of records.

If you would like access to any records held in Uig, please just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.



2 thoughts on “School Record Locations

  1. Guga Spot on!Ghillie and Advocacy: My point was that in the interest of oesenps and fairness that candidates should declare all information that councillors standing for re-election have in the public domain already. I have nothing against business ownership etc.. (sorry if it read that way). I am not completely sure that such interests are declared ahead of council elections (could be wrong though) but think that they should be.I am sure that all our councillors put their personal connections and interests aside when pushing for lower fuel prices with transparency of costs and voting on licencing boards whether they own a fuel outlet, are employed by Scottish Fuels, are a member of the LDOS and so on, don’t they?

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